Choosing a Statistical Consultant

In choosing a statistical consultant, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Does my consultant have a graduate degree in statistics?

2) Is statistical consulting for doctoral students their fulltime job, or is this something they do in the evenings and the weekends when they have time?

3) If my committee members or the IRB raises questions about the statistics, does my consultant have the education, experience and commitment to defend their work?

4) Does my consultant guarantee the quality and turn-around time of their work?

5) Is my consultant available 7 days/week via email and phone to answer my questions?

6) Will I know my costs upfront, or does the consultant charge on an hourly basis.

7) Does this person communicate effectively and will they take the time to answer all of my questions?

2 comments on “Choosing a Statistical Consultant
  1. Steve Creech saved my dissertation from disaster. His insight and effective communication provided me with a study that received great respect from all members of my committee. I received wonderful guidance and support as a result of his professional knowledge and input. He was accessible, prompt, patient, knowledgable, accurate, understanding, and considerate. I recommend him highly to any doctoral student who wishes to have a truly successful dissertation experience.

  2. There are many secrets to the successful completion of a dissertation paper. The research methodology, data collection and analysis, findings, and conclusions can certainly make or break an effective study and the ability to receive a Ph.D. Almost every doctoral candidate uses the services of a statistician. I discovered that many learners at my university had used the incomparable services of Steve Creech to help them. Steve is a phenomenal statistician. I highly recommend him. As a result of using him, not only do I now have my Ph.D. but through the proposal and final paper stages none of the statistical analysis for my research was ever questioned. I passed with flying colors because Steve’s statistical work was flawless.

    On a personal note, other things I appreciated about Steve was his friendliness, patience, accessibility, and the wonderful way he talked to me and explained things to me. His services are worth every dime!

    Feel free to “shop around” for a statistician. I did…but I kept coming back to Steve and am SO glad I did! I am not being paid to endorse him…I just want others to have the same outstanding services and success I did by using him. Steve knows me well after working together for over a year so be sure to tell him Dr. Stuart Jones referred you.

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