My Proposal has been accepted, can you analyze my results?

Probably, but many doctoral students do not have an “actual statistician” on their committee. The methodologist on your committee surely has more experience with statistics than your other committee members, but that is very different than having someone with an advanced degree in statistics and 14 years or more of experience as a statistical consultant on your committee. The point is, I have seen many committee-approved dissertation proposals that have research questions that do not lend themselves well to statistical analysis.

That is a polite way of saying, there is no way in heck you can answer that research question with statistics. However, not all is lost in that situation. I simply advise my clients that the statistical considerations of their methods chapter need to be “revised” before an appropriate statistical analysis can be performed. Often, the client says to their committee, something along the lines of, “I realize my proposal has been accepted by the committee, IRB, and ARB, but after careful consideration, I have realized that there are subtle aspects of the way my research questions are stated, independent and dependent variables defined, and data analysis plan, that can be improved upon. I would like to make these improvements and run them by you before I go ahead with the analysis”. So, the point is, a good statistician would alert you to problems with the statistical aspects of your methods chapter before agreeing to analyze your data.

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