When Should I Start Working with a Statistician?

I would like to emphasize that the sooner you start working with a statistician during the development of your proposal, the smoother things will go for you. Once you have a topic and you have done some preliminary literature review is an ideal time to start working with a statistician.

So many of my clients come to me only after multiple rewrites of the problem statement, research questions, data analysis plan etc. They could have saved themselves a lot of time, money and frustration by contacting a statistician sooner.

In addition, many of my clients come to me only after they fully approved proposal. Often times, a proposal is accepted even though the statistics are not clearly written and sometimes, their statistics are just plain wrong. This can happen if you don’t have someone with an advanced degree in statistics on your committee. When that happens, I am unable to do the analysis for them unless we first redo the statistics in the methods chapter.

Another thing that happens is, the student comes to me with a fully approved proposal and they want help with the analysis. The statistical aspects of their methodology are correct, but unnecessarily complicated that I am unable to help them due to the scope of the project being so large I could not fit the work into my schedule, nor could I do the work for an affordable price.

These are some of the reasons why you want to work with a statistician early in the development of your proposal.

5 comments on “When Should I Start Working with a Statistician?
  1. If you find that you need additional statistical support when working on your proposal, then you need to start working with a statistician. Steve was a life safer when it came to working out the methodology section of my proposal and dissertation. Also, he was very patient when explaining various statistical analyses so I would be prepared to successfully defend my thesis. Steve would make a great statistical instructor, because he can easily explain abstract concepts on the phone. Without his support, it would have taken me an additional year to complete my doctorate.

  2. I completed my PhD in March of 2008 and fully believe Steve saved me at least a year on the process. I was fortunate enough to contact him soon after I started my dissertation. Contacting him early in the process made the process smoother and quicker than I ever thought it could be. He was instrumental in completing my first chapter with clear hypotheses and methodology. Chapter three was a breeze with his help and chapters four and five were a cinch after he analyzed the data. Involving Steve from the beginning was the best decision I could have made in completing my dissertation. When comparing the cost of taking an extra year to complete my dissertation I had at least a 400% return on the cost of Steve’s services. I recommend starting your relationship with Steve as early as possible in the process. Thank you Steve!

  3. My thoughts on when to get Steve involved are very simple and straightforward. If you are reading this Blog and wondering if and/or when to contact Steve, then you need to do that now. Steven was very helpful in telling me what I needed to do upfront, when he preferred to actually get involved, and what services he could provide. Calling Steve sooner rather than later will greatly benefit your entire process.

  4. Throughout my doctoral program at Northcentral University, I did well on all of the coursework. As I began the dissertation stage, I still believed I could continue to do well on my own. After several unsuccessful attempts at getting my concept paper approved, I finally realized that I needed help with the methodology section, especially the statistics portion of it. I spent hours researching several web sites of statistical consultants. I nearly gave up hope until I came upon Steve’s web site. It wasn’t until I obtained Steve’s help that I was finally able to overcome the methodology section of the concept paper. Not only was Steve’s knowledge of statistics important, but also the manner in which he worked with me. He was available whenever I needed him, whether by phone or email. He took the time to ensure that I understood the methodology and statistical portion of my concept paper. I HIGHLY recommend Steve to anyone who needs help with the statistical portion of his or her dissertation. He is the consummate professional. I look forward to finishing my doctoral journey with Steve by my side!

  5. I can advocate for the support of a statistician early in your proposal stage especially when you are writing the methodology section. I was a ‘qualitative person’ and ‘quantitative’ just wasn’t my bag. My methodology chair advised me that we were going with quantitative and I would need a support person such as a qualified statistician. I live in Canada and researched here in Toronto and finally on the internet. Working through Walden University and on the internet I discovered Steve Creech who saved my life and I have now become a Ed.D. Without his support in this area of focus, I still would be struggling. Working on a doctoral is a lonely journey and thanks to Steve’s patience and understanding, I am graduating this year. How proud I will be to walk on stage and be hooded as a Doctor!!

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