Summative Scale Scores and Parametric Statistics

Occasionally, doctoral students are challenged on the validity of using parametric statistics to analyze summative scale scores. I’m referring to a scale score that is derived by averaging (or summing) many Likert-type survey questions to measure an underlying construct like “emotional intelligence” for example. So, for example, let’s say . . .

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Why Should I Perform Pearsons Correlation and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis?

Suppose you want to find out if there is a correlation between job satisfaction and the perception of the supervisor’s leadership style among non-supervisory employees. Suppose you use the Multifactor Leadership Style Questionnaire (MLQ) to measure five transformational leadership styles (the MLQ measures other leadership styles too but we don’t need them for this explanation). Let’s call . . .

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Should I use One-tailed or Two-tailed Hypothesis Tests?

One-sided alternative hypotheses are rarely used and I usually discourage their use. The point is, why limit yourself to a one-sided alternative hypothesis? If the results should happen to be statistically significant . . .

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What is the smallest sample size I can use for my study?

This is actually a tougher question than you might think. The text book way to determine a sample size is to conduct a literature review to determine what effect size you are looking for. For example, suppose . . .

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How to Write A Dissertation Proposal – A Statistician’s Viewpoint

As a professional statistician I have helped many hundreds of doctoral students with the statistical aspects of their dissertation proposal. Along the way I have found that many doctoral students struggle with the development of the entire proposal, not just the statistics. This article gives some insight into what I have learned about how to write a doctoral dissertation proposal …

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Recruiting Study Participants

Recruiting participants for a research study can be challenging. I often advise my clients to consider inviting members of a professional association to participate in their survey research. There are many advantages to this approach:

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