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My name is Steve Creech. I have a Master’s degree in probability and statistics and I have been employed full time as a professional statistician since 1993. I created my own statistical consulting business, Statistically Significant Consulting, LLC, specifically to help doctoral students with the statistical aspects of their dissertation. I offer statistics consulting to doctoral students on a fulltime basis. You can read more about me and my statistical consulting services on my home page: http://www.statisticallysignificantconsulting.com/, or you can contact me by email: steve@statisticallysignificantconsulting.com, or phone: 800-357-0321. Here are some testimonials from past clients who have something they would like to share with others about their experiences working with me.

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    December 11, 2020

    I highly recommend Steve Creech of Statistically Significant Consulting to anyone working on their Doctorate degree! Steve has expert knowledge of statistics and of the proper application of test methods. Steve always responded promptly and completely to all the statistical questions that I had as I was writing my proposal. Steve spent as much time with me as I needed to understand my research data which enabled me to speak to my statistics during my dissertation defense. Steve worked with me to prepare my research project and again when my research was completed. I would advise students to work with Steve early in the research process. Steve’s guidance during my preparation stage saved me a huge amount of time and work and it ensured that my data would be usable after my research was complete.

  2. One of the best decisions I made while working on my dissertation was to contact Steve Creech at Statistically Significant Consulting, LLC. Once I reached the statistical analysis “leg of the dissertation journey”, I realized that I was way in over my head. My knowledge of statistics was limited, and even though I read everything I could regarding this area, I knew that I would need to consult a TRUE EXPERT! Enter….Steve Creech!
    His extensive knowledge of statistical analysis, professionalism, prompt reply, and genuine encouragement were instrumental in the successful defense of my dissertation. Steve took the time to instruct me in such a way that I could easily discuss the statistical analysis with my dissertation chair, team, and at my dissertation defense. His thorough approach was evident throughout my consultation with him. Steve was prompt and thorough with his replies, which was extremely encouraging during the final preparation for the defense. I am pleased to share that I actually came away with a greater interest, understanding, and enjoyment for data analysis! Thank you, Steve Creech, for your assistance in obtaining my goal!

  3. I was skeptical about using a consultant to help me through my dissertation process. Fortunately, I chose the right person in Steve Creech. He was a true professional throughout the whole process and went above and beyond to help me satisfy my committee. Steve was quick and on point with all of his feedback. He took the time to explain the stats in a way that I could understand and articulate to others. I would highly recommend Steve Creech to anyone that needs help analyzing their research!

  4. From my first email of inquiry about his services, to the day I defended my dissertation, Steve was the utmost professional. He responded to all of my questions within 24 hours, often within just a few hours. He spent hours on the phone with me. During one call he reviewed the results of my study in detail and had to give me a few stats 101 tutorials in the process. On our second and longest call, we had to go through my Academic Quality Reviewer’s comments and revise various part of the statistical analysis section of my dissertation. He was, at all times, quick, responsive, and efficient. I would recommend his services to any doctoral student who is working on a quantitative study and needs some help.

  5. I got Steve’s contact from a former client and Steve did an outstanding job helping me with statistical analysis. I found Steve to be very quick and thorough. The turn-around time was nothing short of amazing and his knowledge of the entire doctoral dissertation process was extremely useful. Steve was also willing to spend the time needed to go over the results. I highly recommend Steve to any student working on a dissertation

  6. I found Steve after an online search. The past client’s comments were constructive in my decision making; they were not wrong. After our first engagement, I finally felt that I had a statistics partner in my Ph.D. quest. More importantly, Steve helped educate me on advanced statistics and never once made me feel awkward about my lack of knowledge. Steve had my back through the entire process. I only wish I had engaged him earlier. Steve is honest, responsive, and an educator that wants to help people succeed in an area that can become very complex very fast. I would not hesitate to contact Steve for any statistical needs I have with future research. I may have started as hiring a statistician, but ended up with a great friend. To my friend Steve, thank you for your kindness, willingness to work in my tight time frames, all the advice, and therapy sessions . It was a great honor to have a friend by my side during this accomplishment. I look forward to our next research engagement!

  7. I have currently earned by Ph.D. which would not have happened if it weren’t for Steve and his statistical help and moral support. Steve was always there to help me work through the many changes “suggested” from my methodologist. Steve always found the way to work with what was being asked of me and in the long run, the research was quite useful. Thanks to Steve’s patient way of explaining concepts, I was able to defend or speak about all of my statistics!

  8. Steve was the best statistician I have ever used for a dissertation. He was an excellent listener and teacher for helping me understand my stats. Steve provided insight on how to use Survey Monkey and also processed the my data in the matter of two days. I finished my dissertation and I gave Steve much thanks for my finish.

  9. Steve did a great job of helping align my statistics with my research questions. I had numerous problems initially working through the methodology of my project, but Steve was able to provide support that alleviated my concerns. Thanks

  10. I found Steve after searching online for a statistician. I was completing my DNP Capstone Project which was the last step prior to commencement. I had a lot of data but no idea what to do with it or how to analyze it. Steve was a godsend. After speaking with him and explaining what I had and the premise of the project, he took the data and got right to work. I got the analysis back pretty quickly and he went over it with me. I had further questions as I continued to integrate the analysis into the final capstone paper. I emailed and he responded right away and set up a time to speak with me. He explained everything in detail and gave some tips on wording certain statistical points. My only regret is that I did not contact him when the project was in the planning phase. He would have helped me to formulate questions and evaluation tactics that would have resulted in richer, fuller data from a statistical standpoint.

  11. I found Steve online when I was in search of a statistician to assist me in completing my proposal and analysis. In speaking to and then working with Steve, I knew I found the most knowledgeable, thorough and helpful person for the job. Needless to say my proposal was approved, analysis completed, which led to my successful dissertation completion. There was no way I would have been able to complete my doctoral project without Steve.

    Steve is very efficient, professional and is an expert in Statistics. I highly recommend Steve and have recommended him to fellow graduate candidates. Steve is very thorough, supports his work and your understanding. You will not regret choosing Steve as your Statistician.

    Thank you again Steve!

  12. Wow: where to begin? I was almost ready to give up when Steve was recommended to me. What a blessing! Steve reviewed my less than perfect data and came up with a plan for the analysis that worked beautifully. During my oral defense, the SME applauded the decision to rethink the planned analysis and the in-depth discussion. If it were not for Steve’s help, I probably would not have completed my degree. Thanks Steve!

  13. Like many doctoral students, I was balancing career, school, and family. I decided to seek out a dedicated statistical resource for assistance with my quantitative research. I was looking for someone with experience in the doctoral process and who could be available around my schedule.

    After my initial conversation with Steve, I knew he was the right person to help design my research questions and methodology for efficient analysis. Then after the data collection stage, Steve helped with the interpretation and communication of the data. What was very valuable was that Steve worked with me, within my schedule, until we were both confident that I understood my research questions, methodology, and analysis. He practiced my oral defense with me so that I could deliver a flawless presentation and that I was prepared for my committee’s questions. With Steve’s guidance, my defense was solid with no recommended changes to Chapter 3 or Chapter 4! Here is a quote from my post-defense report from my committee chair: “The committee members especially acknowledged the clarity of chapter four specific to statistical data presentation and the clarity of writing about the null hypothesis”.

    Without hesitation, I recommend Steve if you are seeking efficient expertise in your quantitative doctoral work. He is a true professional who understands the learning process – you will learn so much!

  14. Simply stated…I would never have earned my degree if it wasn’t for Steve! I thought a PhD would be way beyond my capabilities because of the statistics. But, from my initial contact with Steve until I completed my degree, he put my mind at ease assuring me that he would assist me with my statistical analysis and work with me until I understand all of my statistical results. He is true to his word and can be counted on 100% right up until you successfully defend your dissertation. I highly recommend Steve if you’re looking for a statistician who is an expert in his field and someone who will work collaboratively with you until you reach your goal.

  15. I worked with Steve during the proposal and analysis phase of my dissertation process. Initially, I was hesitant to take the investment leap necessary to secure a professional statistician, but I will never regret my decision to do so, and Steve was absolutely the right choice!

    He was reliable, available, thorough, professional, and patient. My committee never challenged the material in Chapter 3 and 4. Why? Because it was correct!

    Steve was willing, as promised, to talk with me until I was confident that I could explain all of the data and statistical information without a hitch. My dissertation defense went beautifully and he was a key component to my success, and the speed with which I completed the process! He even wrote me an encouraging note on the eve of my defense!

    I recommend Steve without hesitation and strongly advocate for doctoral students to utilize his expertise. All the best in your journey!

    Take Steve with you on it. . . you will not regret it!

  16. I have always struggled with the statistical process. Working with Steve, I was able to gain a mastery of the content that I had never before been able to grasp. His expertise is evident not only in his ability to relay the technical information to the learner but in his ability to teach the material in a way the student can comprehend. This was invaluable. I would recommend him highly.

  17. Thank you so much for extending your statistical expertise to me over the last few months. Your professionalism and knowledge was evident. You were patient enough to explain aspects of statistics over and over, and you made the dissertation process a lot easier. I also appreciated how quickly you would get back to me on various issues. I am confident that you will continue to succeed in your endeavors and thanks again for being an integral part on my doctoral journey.

  18. I am so thankful for Steve. I honestly don’t think that my Chapter 4 would have gone as smoothly as it did without his help. He helped me to understand the statistical methods and various tests that needed to be ran to get the correct data results. He was very patient and understanding when explaining the various tests of assumptions that would need to be ran, to make sure that I was using the correct tests to answer the research questions. Anytime I had a question about the data results, he patiently explained it to me. He was very instrumental in helping me to pass my final defense. He equipped me with all the tools I needed to successfully defend my dissertation. He is a lifesaver. I will surely recommend him to anyone who is considering the use of a statistician. One of the most impressive things about Steve was his attentiveness to phone calls and e-mails. I didn’t have to wait long for a call or e-mail response. If you choose Steve Creech as your statistician, you certainly will not regret it.

  19. From my first conversation with Steve, I knew I was talking to the right statistician. During our first phone call Steve helped me see where I was struggling and he set me on a solid pin-point path. Steve was with me each step of the doctorate process and ensured I understood the statistics. I only wish I had met Steve earlier in the process because he could have saved me countless hours that I wasted. I highly recommend Steve for anyone seeking a statistician.

  20. My dissertation chair recommended I find a statistician and Steve was the one person he recommended. I found Steve to be a very engaging person and assisted me tremendously in both the methodology and results sections. Steve took the time to explain the statistical method and the justification for using a particular method. He was always available to talk or communicate via e-mail. I am confident that I would not have gotten through the dissertation process without Steve’s assistance.

  21. I must say that SteveCreech was truly an answer to my prayers. He took the time needed to not only explain to me the specific
    statistics needed to begin and complete my research he also helped me to understand why I should not spend time doing
    statistics that may have actually extended the time needed to complete my dissertation. He was so patient and kind truly his service gave me an understanding but more over the confidence that all Doctoral students should have approaching the committee in defense of the identified research topic.

    I passed my dissertation defense with Flying colors as stated by the committee and I would say it was due to an outstanding
    knowledgeable statistician by the name of Steve Creech. Trust me he is worth every cent.

  22. I will be forever grateful for Steve Creech’s outstanding guidance and exceptional professionalism. It is not an understatement to say that I would have been lost without Steve’s statistical expertise and unwavering patience. He was always there for me, returned every call, answered every e-mail, met every deadline (often well before the deadline!), answered every question, and explained everything until I was confident in my understanding. Steve has my upmost respect, trust, and gratitude. It is without reservation that I recommend him.

  23. Wow! Where do I begin? I think I had one of the toughest process known to ABD students alike. This process took me 8 years. So, by the time you read this post, I am sure it has become evident that Steve is capable of doing his job. Therefore, I will go a different route with my recommendation. Rather than explaining what is evident, I will tell you about his GUARANTEE! When I was shopping for a statistician, A couple years ago, when I interviewed Steve, he shared his Guarantee Policy with me. Now, in my mind I was thinking, “yeah right!” But, I have to say that I had to eat my words! Steve was totally committed to my project. No matter when I needed his guidance-he was there willing and able to answer my questions (regardless of how minute they may have been). He was responsive and always got back with me in a timely manner. Steve was and is awesome! I recommend him with the up-most confidence that he will do for you what he has done for me and so many dissertation student.

  24. While Steve’s data analysis help was critical, I also utilized his help in setting up my study in the best way possible. He helped me determine how to make my idea meaningful and offered many suggestions regarding instrumentation. This help saved me a lot of time in organizing my time and literature to be most effective. I was able to sail through the process. I highly recommend Steve’s services.

  25. The professionalism and committement shown by Steve during data analysis and preparation for oral defense was beyond expectation. Steve met every deadline he promised and was there for me any time I had a question or when I needed guidance. I highly recommend Steve to any doctoral student who wants to understand how the data analysis is conducted. Understanding what was done and how the statistical results were achieved is paramount to writing chapter 5 and defending the dissertation. Thank you Steve- I could not have done it with your help.

  26. I was recommended to work with Steve to better define my data analysis. He took the time to review my hypotheses and methodology and determined the best approach to analyze the data and present the results. He was also available to answer questions during committee and board reviews. I would highly recommend Steve.

  27. Steve has proven to be an exceptional professional who is committed to making a difference. He was just exceptional, on point, confident and prompt in delivery. He stood by me and can do same for any serious learner. He comes highly recommended.

  28. Steve was a pleasure to work with through this journey, and he saved me months of time. He was patient in explaining the results, and he continued to give guidance and additional needed information until the end. When I was asked about the statistical information during my defense, I was prepared. I have already recommended Steve to others.

  29. I agree with all of the above and can say that Steve’s expertise was invaluable during my doctoral journey. He responded to every single question I had in timely manner and helped me navigate through my statistical analyses. I sincerely recommend him as a resource for any doctoral student looking for support as they conduct research.

  30. I can sign my name as Dr. Mary Hall because of Steve Creech. Not only is Steve a saving grace for those of us who can pass statistics classes but really can’t embrace all ststistical analysis, he is patient, guiding, and supportive. Steve and I talked on the phone or on-line several times just for me to understand the politics of the dissertation process. I was always given options by Steve and he ultimately let me decide which direction I should go. Steve made being in an on-line PhD program bearable. He responds quick and calmy, but with a welcome humor and reality of comment. My collegue at school recommended Steve to me.

  31. No positive superlatives would be enough to describe the positive contributions of Steve to the successful completion of my doctoral dissertation. But I would rather say that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Try Steve and you would realize that you made the best decision of your life. I would continue to work with Steve even in my post-doctoral reserach works. Steve is simply the best!

  32. Steve was great! He was very patient and provided excellent advice. He not only helped me to understand statistics, but how to apply it to my results.
    I have completed my dissertation and very thankful that I had an outstanding statistician in my corner. Steve is outstanding and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a statistician.

  33. Steve was recommended to me by another classmate. From the first phone call with Steve, I knew he was the person who could help me with my statistical information. Once I sent Steve my proposal, he was able to let me know if I was headed in the right direction with my research questions and hypotheses. Steve and I built a relationship whereby his expertise as a statistican completely helped me to understand my study results. Steve was always avaliable and I highly recommend his services to all individuals in need of statistical assistance.

  34. I first contacted Steve through a personal referal for the statistical analysis of my dissertation. That was one of the best moves I made throughout the dissertation process. Results were not only quick, but also comprehensive. Steve took the extra time to make sure I understood and could explain all analyses for my oral defense. this was way above and beyond and helped me sail through the defense process. thanks again Steve.

  35. Steve is the reason that I was able to earn my doctorate degree. From the initial consultation, his knowledge coupled with his calming and teaching voice told me that I had found the answer to everything I needed. He is so professional and thorough. He literally will not leave you alone in this journey. He answers emails rapidly and is always willing to chat via phone. His advice was outstanding! I feel so lucky that I was able to find him..don’t pass Steve up if you need a statistician. He is worth every penny as your return on the investment is your sanity, accurate, quick, and reliable results backed and explained by a very patient expert. Thank you Steve!

  36. I will definitely recommend Steve to all prospective and current doctoral students. At the beginning of my doctoral journey, my mentor recommended Steve as a statistical consultant. I contacted Steve and he assisted me in writing my research questions and other parts to be included in Chapter 1. After completion of additional chapters, I submitted to ARB and obtained approval on the first submission. However, my finances were slim so I used two other statisticians with negative results. I contacted Steve again and he assisted me with my data analysis and writing of chapter 4. I submitted my dissertation to the dean (after Steve’s assistance) and obtained final approval. Steve is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable in his field of practice. Thanks Steve

  37. My dissertation process was extremely unique. First, there was limited prior research as it related to my topic. Secondly, I had to deal with political issues and other obstacles that were beyond my control. In fact, at one point I was so frustrated with the dissertation process (chapters 3 and 4) that I was contemplating leaving my program. Not only did Steve listen (and I called him at all times of the night and he answered the phone), he helped me clarify my topic to further comply with university requirements, refine my research questions, further define my protocols and procedures, and constructively critiqued my research instrument to foster improvement. Based upon Steve’s technical expertise and experience with statistics and the overall dissertation process, I was successful regarding my data collection and final presentation. I must admit that prior to my interaction with Steve, I felt uncomfortable with collecting and measuring statistical data. However, Steve helped me visualize statistics from a different perspective, which empowered me not only to submit a final product that added value to my dissertation but also to my life. I highly recommend Steve Creech as a statistical consultant—you will greatly benefit from his assistance. Again, thank you Steve!

  38. Steve was an incredible help to me in completing my dissertation! I was having difficulties in refining my research method, designing and writing appropriate research questions for my study, and analyzing the data. Had it not been for Steve’s help, I would have spent at least another 1-2 years muddling through my dissertation issues. Thanks to his expertise, timeliness, and responsiveness, I reached my goal of graduating this summer as Dr. Aitken! Thank you, Steve!

  39. Steve, Thank you very much for all your assistance, without your help my dream of receiving my doctorate degree would have been delayed. Prior to contact with you I was a deer in headlights. But I prayed and found confidence in selecting you to assist me with my chapters 3&4. Your conversation with me about statistical information was easily digestible. You were very patient with me, and explained the complex information in kindergarten terms. You were readily available when I called upon you. My committee & chairperson who is an upscale statistician was very impressed with my statistical data, charts, and interpretation. I highly recommend you without reservation.

  40. Mr. Creech was recommended as a statistician. I was surprized and pleased to discover just how helpful he would prove to be. Graduate students operate on deadlines and Mr. Creech is ALWAYS on time with EVERYTHING he promised and often times more – just to be helpful. Every student desiring to be successful and timely in completing their dissertation process need to make sure that Mr. Creech is on your list of professionals to help the process to completion.I was able to go through my oral defense with flying colors after Mr. Creech explained the very difficult stats that my calculations required. My committee had a professional statistician on board and he was impressed and commended my understanding of the difficult work for even the novice to understand. I highly recommend the professional services of Mr. Creech to all doctoral students. Thank you Mr. Creech.

  41. If you are looking for a statistical consultant who is well-informed regarding the statistics process, understands the anxiety that accompanies the doctoral process, and who is guaranteed to deliver on his promises, then Steve is the right person for your work. Steve delivered on his promise of unlimited professional consultation through the dissertation process. He also delivered on his promise of assuring that my committee would accept his statistical work. Even more importantly, he delivered on his promise to continuously make himself available to support me from beginning to end.

    After I hired Steve my stress level decreased significantly. He was able to take charge and negotiate a fantastic statistical methods and analysis based on my study topic. I was hesitant about hiring someone that I did not know to help me with my dissertation. However, early on, Steve made me feel comfortable and was reassuring that his role and responsibility in the process would be beneficial. He took the time to educate me on every step of the dissertation process, including taking the time to explain the very difficult statistical language to me so that I could understand. I was often worried when I received feedback from my committee. However, knowing that I had Steve around to support my cause, I was able to worry less about working with my committee. Steve kept his support confidential and proved that his services are indeed priceless. Thanks for all of your help and support and I highly recommend his services to any beginning or maybe stuck in the dissertation process!!!

  42. I had already wasted $6,000 on another statistics consultant before I engaged Steve. Steve understands statistics and He is a very good teacher. He not only did an excellent job in my data analysis but he took time to explain everything in detail to my understanding. Steve made himself available to answer my numerous questions on several occasions.I strongly recommend Steve to anyone for a successful academic or non-academic research study that requires statistics. Thank you Steve for your patience, understanding, and professionalism

  43. I searched for the right statistician and found Steve to stand out above all others. His thorough knowledge and extensive background proved to be a major strength in my doctoral journey. Steve provides thoughtful and meaningful feedback along with strong statistical analysis. I recommend Steve to be a part of any successful research venture, he is an expert consultant and professional in his field. Thank you Steve for providing the guiding light in my journey!

  44. Steve was an important part of my work, helping me to evaluate and select an appropriate design for the project. What was significant about Steve’s assistance was his ability to clearly communicate the implications of potential statistical tools that could work for the study. His availability was outstanding, returning enquiries and calls for help at critical moments in the study. Steve’s style and work ethics provided a level of comfort that I needed when the pressure was on for the project approval phase (proposal) and preparation for the Oral Defense. I recommend Steve to be your consultant who will provide the learning experience you require while doing a major research project. Steve is well worth the coordination time, giving you a sense you have obtained more than what you contracted for and paid.

  45. Steve was AMAZING! I honestly believe that I would not have made it throuh the horrific doctoral process if it were not for him. He devoted endless amounts of time to assist me not only in my statistical analysis, but also in helping me to prepare for my defense. I truly felt like I was the only client that he was working with at the time and that he truly cared about my success and me as a person. I would reccommend his services to ANY student who needs assistance with data analysis. Thank you Steve, you are truly amazing at what you do, and I could not have done it without you.

  46. I initially felt I needed assistance with the quantitative calculations for my doctoral study. Steve went well beyond the call of duty, providing advice to develop an achievable and empirically-based study plan. His calculations were responsive to the study objectives and he provided insight regarding the presentation in the final dissertation document. He was available for follow-up questions. Between the tightness of the study plan, analysis developed during the study, and the write-up, my defense went extremely well. Thanks, Steve!

  47. You can’t get any better than Steve Creech when designing a study or statistically interpreting the results. Contacting Steve was the best move I made in completing my dissertation. Although I took many formal statistics classes, once I got into the challenge of design and methodology, I soon found out that I was a neophite. Steve took the time to explain the language of statistics to me. Also, no matter when I called on him he was there to assist.
    Steve’s experience and style of explaining statistics enabled me to understand the process and I felt confident to defend my dissertation.
    My association with Steve proved that he is a quintessential professional. I highly recommend him.
    Dr. Barry Johnson

  48. I had already secured another statistical consulting firm when I found Steve. There was no comparison. In just a few days I learned more from Steve who took an active role in helping to form the scope of my dissertation than the other firm did in months. Steve assisted in the development of my hypotheses, research questions and edits. I receieved much more than I could have asked. In addition, Steve took the time to explain things and was very patient with me. I would recommend him highly. Money well spent.

  49. Steve was able to explain statistical methods to me better than any professor I had. I felt I could call him to help me at any time (including weekends when it was more convenient to me) and there was no such thing as a “dumb” question. He has the patience of Job. I highly recommend him for assistance on chapters 3 and 4 of any dissertation.

  50. I was lucky enough to locate Steve on the internet and it saved my dissertation. Steve worked with me through the proposal (many times revised) and through the entire disserttion. His vast knowledge of not only statistics, but the entire process, was something that helped get me going when I was not sure I could. I highly recommend Steve Creech. It was the best decision I made!

  51. Steve Creech is a very professional, ethical, and intelligent statistician. His assistance was invaluable in completing my doctoral dissertation. He was always available to answer my questions and discuss different aspects of my research. His assistance in explaining the results of my study to my committee was instrumental in passing my oral review. I highly recommend Steve Creech of Statistically Significant Consulting as a statistical consultant.

  52. I was referred to statistically significant Mr. Creech from a friend who had just completed his doctorate. I know he came along at just the right time in my studies as I understood statistcis enough to run numbers, but did not completely understand how the tests correlated with the research question. Mr. Creech was very logical and patient with me, and never condescending. He actually taught me to understand the concepts so that I could intellegently defend my findings.
    I would reccomend his kind, quiet nature to anyone needing assistance with research. He also makes himself very available, more than I can say for the rest of my research team!!

  53. After long nights of statistics I found Steve’s web page it was the best investment I ever made. He was always available by email and phone even on weekends. He walked me through to each step until I fully understood the procedure. I will recommend Steve to any Doctoral student.

    Dr. Rocio Meli

  54. Steve Creech was the inspiration and instruction I needed to successfully boost me through the finals stages of my analyses. Steve essentially provided me with a complete, yet compressed, statistical methods course. He is an awesome instructor and made sure I retained a thorough understanding of the methodology taught. Steve was always available and never left a question unanswered.

    Dr. Terrence P. McGill

  55. I found Steve Creech through the recommendation of a friend who had worked with him on her dissertation statistics. And I will forever be grateful that she gave me his name! Steve is the reason I was able to finish my dissertation and successfully navigate my oral defense. I called and e-mailed him incessantly because I needed so much help to properly analyze and then be able to explain my own statistical findings. Steve could explain the stats to me in a way I understood and he helped me be confident in my ability to field questions and support my conclusions correctly. He is willing to take the time needed and is very quick to respond. I hope my recommendation will help another person find Steve as I was introduced to him by my friend. And I will recommend him again and again in the future. Steve is definitely the best!

  56. Steve Creech is amazing!!!! He was recommended to me by a co-worker who was also working on her degree. When I called it was a little out of my price range so I interviewed about ten other statisticians. After spending money on others and not getting the assistance I needed, I called Steve and he helped me every step of the way! I used his services for over a year through the completion of my dissertation. His assistance was fast, accurate and professional.

    I would strongly recommend Steve Creech of Statistically Significant Consulting to assist on any statistical aspects of your dissertation!


    Dr. Kathy Zientek

  57. Steve was a tremendous help. In my program the stats class was given long before the data needed to be translated. Steve was very professional and thorough in handling my data. He even followed through by seeing if my data was accepted and to when my degree was confirmed. He made the final stages of my dissertation a complete success. I would recommend Steve to all students.

  58. Steve Creech came highly recommended when I was developing my dissertation research plan, and that reference was the most important of my doctoral experience. I knew where I was going with my research, but I needed strong statistical coaching and analysis to get there. Steve not only provided those essential ingredients, but he also inspired me to get more involved with the statistical analysis than I might otherwise have done. I can state without hesitation that Steve coached me through the toughest part of my dissertation and helped instill in me the confidence to present my oral defense without any undue concerns. I strongly advise getting Steve on board from the outset.

  59. Steve assisted me from the very beginning of my initial preparation to the Academic Review Board, through my submission to the IRB, and with the final preparation. Not only did Steven assist me with all the STAT preparation, but he gave me a clearer understanding of the statistical data so that I could have a better oral defense. Without Steve I would still be struggling to complete my Doctorate. I highly recommend starting with Steve at the very beginning of your Doctoral journey.

  60. Steve assisted me in both the development of my proposal (methodology) and the ananlysis of the data. His work, and willingness to answer all my questions, was tremendous. Steve is patient with those of us who are not skilled in quantitative analysis and broke down the information to make it understandable to lay audiences. Steve is always available for a consultation and showed great professionalism and knowledge.

  61. I hired Steve to help me with the development of my proposal and the analysis of my data. It was on of the best investment I ever made. Steve was not only knowledgable, but took the time to explain everything in a way that was clear and understandable. Additionally, he was prompt in responding to questions and always available. I never felt alone in developing chapters 3 and 4 amd recommend Steve to all of my colleagues who are looking for a statistician.

  62. I hired Steve to assist with the methodology and results section of my dissertation. I was very impressed with his professionalism, competence, and rapid responses. He was enjoyable to work with. His input and support prepared me for the oral defense and excellerated the process. I would highly recommend Steve without reservation.

  63. Steve really helped me understand the relationship between my dissertation question and the statistics behind finding the answer. His time, patience and expertise all combined to make what was a daunting prospect suddenly doable. Chapters 3 & 4 of a dissertation are arguably the ones that will pose the biggest difficulties for doctoral candidates–it is important to have someone on your side that can help explain the issues clearly, not only to you but to your audience. He is always available by e-mail and phone to answer even the silliest questions (and I had plenty). I highly recommend Steve and his services.

  64. My initial contact with Steve was the result of a referral by a friend. I do hope others will contract with Steve as a result of my comments relative to my experience with him. Steve was very professional, patient, understanding and knowledgeable. The study of statistics is not my strong point but after working with Steve, I actually understood the statistical testing and results in my proposal. Steve was always available, willing to assist and returned replies to my emails very promptly. I have successfully completed my degree and I must say Steve was a very important part of my success.

  65. When my Methodology Chair indicated that my doctoral study was to be quantitative and not qualitative, I froze. I told him that I was not a ‘quantitative person.’ He told me to find a statistician. I started to research here in Toronto, Canada and no one could accommodate my needs. I then asked a fellow principal associated with Ontario Principals’ Council for assistance. She googled ‘statisticians’ and found Steve. I also noted that Steve was listed as a recommended statistican on Walden’s Research page.
    From that point on, it has been a delight to work with Steve. His patience and understanding of where I was coming from as an ‘anxious quantitative’ person calmed me down when I faced frustration of not understanding. He worked through the Methodology and Results section with me so that I could understand the realities of the stats. Even my Methodology Chair was impressed by Steve’s work.
    As mentioned in other kudos, Steve was always available even on weekends when I would call and we would talk for up to 1 hour at times. He never made me feel like I didn’t understand. He worked through my lack of understanding at times. Well worth every moment of working with Steve. I am now in the final confirmation stages of receiving my Ed.D. thanks to Steve’s support along with others.

  66. “Steve was awesome! Understanding which statistical tests to use was challenging for me. Steve spelled everything out for me in an easy to understand format. I used everything he created for me and I was stellar in my dissertation defense! I came off sounding like I really understood my data analysis. Thank you! You saved me months of work.”

  67. Most would agree that completing a PhD dissertation can be an extremely stressful endeavor. I hired Steve to assist me with both the Methods and Results Section of my dissertation. After my first of over a dozen consultations, I realized that Steve is not only an expert statistician, but also a great teacher. Confident in knowing that my methodology was solid and the statistical tests chosen appropriate, I was able to focus on the research.

    My committee had tough questions and Steve always explained the statistics in plain language, so I could really understand the principles. He was always available (even on weekends) and I never felt like I was bothering him. It often surprised me that a detailed email was answered within a few minutes or several hours. Considering the quality, availability, communication and value that he offers, I give him my highest evaluation.

  68. I too echo all the comments listed above. What I appreciated most about working with Steve was his clarity and teaching abilities. I was able to explain all the statistics in my defense with confidence. Steve helped me stay on track and made wonderful recommendations and suggestions that strengthened my study. After working with Steve I have a greater appreciation for statistics and feel like I have a true grasp on understanding and interpreting everything from simple t tests to multiple regressions. I too highly recommend working with Steve if you want to understand what you are presenting and want to have a strong and meaningful study.

  69. Steve is the most amazing person. I would not be where I am right now if it were not for Steve, his knowledge, and his teaching ability. I was stuck in a dissertation rut– the methods section was going no where because I was unsure what and how to write and test the variables I wanted to research. Steve made it clear, teaching me how and why I needed to do certain statistical tests. He answered every question, is always honest, provides clear understandable teaching so YOU understand your stastical research. I can not thank Steve enough for his help. I am beyond grateful. If anyone has any thoughts of needing stastical help– call Steve. You will not regret it. I highly recommend Steve’s services.

  70. The insight and guidance Steve brought to my staticial design was greatly appreciated. His patience and systematic approach was refreshing. His consulting is top rate and recommend his services.

  71. I have to agree with all the comments made above about Steve. He was true to his word on his guarantee to assist me throughout the whole process. Steve’s personality is one which envokes confidence and trust. He definitely knows all about statistics. I highly recommend him and already have given his informaiton to other colleagues!!

  72. Statistics were just a small part of my mixed methods study, and the part that I felt least comfortable with completing. After consulting with Steve on several occassions, I not only became comfortable with the understanding of statistics, but I was confidant that I could defend my findings. He walked through each process with me, and he explained the math in a way that I fully understood and could explain to someone else. My chapters 3 and 4 required several different versions, and Steve helped me along the entire way. He worked with me from May 2007 until February 2008 without hesitation. He was willing to work with me until WE got it right! He was definitely a team member I began to trust and place my confidence and seek advice from. Thank you, Steve! You are the best.

  73. Steve was definitely the most amazing person involved in getting my dissertation finished!!! He was very prompt, available at almost all hours of the day (including weekends), knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I received rave reviews from my committee regarding how well my data analysis section was crafted. I was asked to make only minor changes to any of the sections of my paper for which Steve provided input. What is also good to know is that Steve did not charge me any extra fees for the revisions/edits we were asked to do by the committee.

  74. Steve explained more in 10 minutes than any class I’ve taken in grad school. He really knows his field. I would recommend him as an advisor for any statistical analysis. Also, he stays calm and doesn’t talk down to you. CALL HIM IF YOU NEED HELP! Maria

  75. Steve is a life-saver! He helped me put my methods section together in a way that allowed me to understand the information. He was patient and answered ALL of my questions, sometimes even more than once. He also helped me keep my dissertation practical and managable. I could not have done the dissertation without him. If you are lost, wondering if Steve is the right guy, if you should spend the money….. DO IT WITH STEVE! It will save you time, frustration, and money in the long run, as the sooner you graduate, the sooner you get a REAL pay check!

  76. I dreaded undertaking my dissertation at post graduate level as I knew that statistics and I were never going to be happy bedfellows. The best thing I ever did was to contact Steve and enlist his support. His skill, advice and guidance enabled me to achieve my goal! Steve was always contactable, and made me feel like there were no stupid questions! I couldn’t have done it without him and recommend him unreservedly.

  77. Steve was truly a God send. He was patient, ethical and extremely helpful to me. He is an excellent teacher and helped me to not only understand statisitcs, but he helped me to master my results. Steve provided me with excellent advice and coached me the entire way. He never “left me hanging” not once. He was the most honest person that I had ever met in the statistical world. I used someone else inintially and it was a disaster. Steve cleaned up the mess and got me pointed in the right direction…I just fiinished my dissertation and if it was not for Steve, I don’t know if I would have gotten through it. He is the best and I strongly recommend him to anyone.

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