Were You Advised to Hire a Statistician?

Many of my clients have reported to me that their advisor recommended they hire a statistician to help with their dissertation. I am curious to know how many of you out there have had this happen. In my view, statistical consulting benefits both the doctoral student and the mentor. Often times the mentor has limited experience with statistics.

Since it is the mentor’s responsibility to insure that the student has handled their statistics properly, it is to the mentor’s benefit knowing that the student had the help of a professional statistician. The student benefits because they will know their statistics were handled properly, and they will learn far more about statistics than they are likely to have learned on their own from reviewing their statistics notes, textbooks and doing Google searches.

2 comments on “Were You Advised to Hire a Statistician?
  1. Mary, you raise some good points. That is why I include unlimited email and phone support and a 100% money-back guarantee that the statistics will be done properly, that my client will fully understand them, and they will be accepted by the reviewers.

    By the way, I never work with doctoral students in the field of statistics. That vast majority of my clients are earning a doctorate in either education, psychology, organizational management and leadership, or a health care related field.

  2. The ethical aspects of your question are as follows:

    * Whether you hire a professional statistician or not depends on your committee chair’s approval. You cannot hire a statistician without disclosure to your committee.

    * If the degree is in statistics, then common sense and ethics tells that it has to be your work.

    * If the dissertation is in a non-statistics field, how much you want to learn about statistics is up to you but it is in your best interst to know as much as you can about what you are doing. It can never be a matter of giving someone else data, pasting the results in your paper, and that’s it.

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